Packaging #01

SR25.00 SR18.00
  • You can add a request for packaging and gifting with your words and your upscale feeling, and we will fulfill your desire when adding the order in the basket
  • Please add the required number of products to be packaged and packaging details (i.e. packaging for any product or more than one product in one package or what products are or are not packaged)
  • And add requests for the phrases “cards” or any other notes in the notes box before completing the request.
  1. Example 1: Angel necklace in packaging #01 and the rest of the products are without packaging..
  2. Example 2: The rose necklace and Cartier bracelet are in #02 packaging and the rest of the products are in #03..
  3. Example 3: Writing "Happy New Year" on packaging #04..
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Packaging #01
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