Refund policy

If your order arrives with defects Or a break in any product. You can exchange or retrieve the value of the product as a credit. The product must be returned in the same condition as it was when received with the packaging package, and Glamour You will bear the shipping and delivery fees once Others in case you want to replace the product or return the product.
the amount to you according to the conditions.
Replacement or return will not be made if the product is used and the customer bears the full value of the freight.
The replacement and return period must not be More than 7 days maximum
The product cannot be returned if there is an unconvincing reason or incorrect information is provided and can be replaced with the customer bearing the shipping and return fees.
in If you purchase with a credit card, the amount will be returned to your credit card, or the amount will be returned to your bank account in the event of a transfer, or a balance of the amount will be available in your account upon payment upon receipt and ordering again.
In the event that the shipment is retrieved by the shipper for not receiving the shipment or not responding and responding to the representative of the shipping company, he shall bear Buyer Shipping and Returns costs.
to maintain public health
The throat, the birch and the crunch are not restored nor replaced.
Sizes and sizes are excluded from free exchange or return. Please check your size before ordering from the product description or contact us for size inquiries.
In case of returns, shipping and refund fees will be deducted from the order value.
A request for replacement or return must be submitted within twenty-four hours of receiving the shipment.
For more information please write to us or use our instant chat .
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